Chitwan Jungle Safari

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Ride the elephant and traverse the tiger infested jungle in Nepal. Chitwan Jungle Safari is not a walk in the park. It’s an adventure you dreamed about.

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All about the Chitwan Jungle Safari.

Into a thick enchanting forest with mysterious trees, entangled vines and thick bushes, seated atop a mammoth friend, we penetrate deep into the woods. An owl hoots as something slithers besides and we silently follow the footprints of Royal Bengal Tiger. This is a sensation from a jungle safari in Nepal’s Chitwan National Park.
For an exciting wildlife spectacle, we climb up high on the back of an Asian Elephant and lumber into the exotic jungle of Chitwan National Park. Our experienced Mahots (elephant caretaker) just know where to go. Navigating into the wild where one-horned rhino, sloth bear, four-horned antelope and magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger patrol the territory, we are always on the lookout for wild boars, sandburs, spotted deer, pythons, leopards, Gharial crocodiles and more than 500 species of graceful birds.
The 932 square-kilometer park is located in the southern Tarai plains of Nepal, some 150 south of Kathmandu. Being the first national park of Nepal, the Chitwan National Park is also listed under the World Natural Heritage Site. The locality here is mainly inhabited by Tharus, who like to call themselves the people of jungle. Before civilization prevailed, the Tharus used to live in these forests in harmony with the wild.
First we arrive in Kathmandu and then we hop on a coach to Sauraha town, the gateway to the national Park. The houses of Tharus near the villages of Sauraha are made up of mud and roofed with hay and grass. Then the next day we shall do various activities such as jungle safari itself, elephant bathing, nature walk and visits to museums and elephant breeding center.

The tour package inclusions and exclusions at a glance
What is included in this tour?Items that are included in the cost of tour price.
  • Transport (from Kathmandu or Pokhara)
  • Elephant back safaris
  • Nature walks
  • Village tours
  • Bird-watching excursions
  • All meals
  • Other activities (cultural dance display, canoe ride, etc)
  • National Park entry fees
  1. Day1 Arrival at TIA, Kathmandu & transfer in hotel

    As soon as you arrive in the Himalayan capital of Kathmandu, a Trekma representative shall welcome you at the airport and guide you through the exotic streets of the city to our guest house. Following your leisure, a pre-tour briefing will be organized in the evening. After dinner, you are free to visit the hippie town of Thamel, grab a beer in a quite pub or may be dance in one of the many dance clubs.

  2. Day2 Kathmandu to Sauraha (160 km, approx. 5 hours)

    Second day takes us to the town of Sauraha in Chitwan district of Nepal. The early morning bus drive is exciting in itself as we snake along the hills of scenic Nepal. The road passes through many ancient villages, towns and business hubs. Via serpentine road we arrive at Sauraha in about 5 hours. Once you get to Sauraha, you will like it. Sauraha is an intriguing and quiet town situated right on the eastern border of Chitwan National Park.
    On the first day at the jungle, we go for a short walk, followed by a boat ride later in the evening. The Rapti River has Gharial crocodiles, who like to eat fish. We spend the night at a hotel, right on the banks of Rapti River. The hotel overlooks the Chitwan National Park.

  3. Day3 Jungle Safari and Bird watch

    After a very early breakfast, we march back to the forest for bird watch. The sound of jungle and the smell of rotten leaves and dead branches make you feel refreshed immediately. You will forget your life back home, the job and deadlines. The jungle heals. In silence, we observe the aerial wilderness and hear the exotic creatures sing in joy. Back to the hotel after the walk.
    Next, we head to the Narayani River, and ride on a dugout canoe on the lookout for crocodiles. The Gharial crocodiles are listed under endangered species. The mighty Narayani River and the adjoining Rapti River are the major habitat of these beautiful snouted creatures.
    Following yet another gentle boat ride, we drive back to the hotel for lunch. After lunch, we climb up an observation tower for a sight of various wild animals, including of deer, monkeys, wild elephants and strange-looking one-horned rhino. We often spot the one-horned rhinos while the Royal Bengal Tiger are hard to come by. We call it a day after visiting a museum and a national elephant breeding center nearby.

  4. Day4 Elephant Bath, Tharu culture

    The last day at the national park, we go for an elephant safari into the jungle. This time we go pretty far into the woods. Returning back we go for a bath, but this time on the back of an elephant. We hop on the back of the elephant and our mammoth friend hoses us with its anaconda-like snout. It will be a bath, you will cherish forever. Later during the day, we visit museums, Tharu villages and in the evening, we lounge on the banks of the Rapti River, out looking the national park as the sun goes down. The banks of the river are well catered. The sunset is then followed by Tharu cultural dance show, performed by the locals. You can also participate and show some of those moves.

  5. Day5 Back to Kathmandu

    Following breakfast, we drive back to Kathmandu. The rest of the day is for rest and leisure.