The Dolpo Region, which lies in the rain shadow behind the Dhaulagiri massif, is one of the least exposed and most remote areas of Nepal. This region was closed for foreigners until 1989. One should cross the Himalayan spine or the Tibetan plateau to reach the Dolpo region. Due to the remoteness of the region and arid landscape, the villages here are still untouched from modern civilization. The authentic Tibet-inspired villages and culture is preserved in its original state till date. Since, most of the Dolpo region is above 3500 meters from sea level, it is the least populated area of Nepal. Only around five thousand people live in this region. The warm hospitality, astonishing landscapes, extreme remoteness and Bon culture of the Dolpo Region has continued to enthrall the trekkers ever since it was opened for outsiders.

Apart from the traditional villages, Bon religion, authentic Tibetan culture and landscapes, the region also offers many other natural attractions such as Shey Phoksundo Lake, hidden oases, enchanting meadows, hunting reserve, ages-old monasteries, gompas and an ocean of snow-clad peaks. Those who are looking for extreme wilderness and those who like to go on camp-based trekking, challenging their physical capacity, Dolpo Region is the best.
Below are the most sought after trekking routes in Dolpo region.

Best Seasons:February, March, April
Popular Location:Lower Dolpo, Upper Dolpo, Shey Phoksundo

    Dolpo Trek

    17 Days

    Lower Dolpo trek is one of the most rural trekking in Nepali mountains. Trekma offers custom trekking packages with the leverage of best guides in Nepal.

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      Upper Dolpo Trek

      27 Days

      Upper Dolpo Trekking is your best option to experience remote Himalayas. Trekma has best guides and Sherpas in Nepal for your adventure of a lifetime.

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