The Langtang Region delivers astounding views and unaltered Tibetan cultural experience in short time than any other trekking destinations in Nepal. Moreover, the Langtang is the most accessible trekking region just north of Kathmandu. It is relatively safe, uncrowded, comparatively low in elevation and rich in flora, fauna, natural spectacle, and cultural diversity. Apart from snow-clad Tibetan plateau knuckles and gigantic Mt. Shisapangma, the Langtang region offers ethnic hilly and mountainous villages, serene forests, rugged path, breathtaking waterfalls, meadows and turquoise glacial lakes adorned in the alpine valleys. Besides the scenery and culture, the region also boasts of many exotic wild animals such as Tigers, wild boar, red panda, Himalayan black bear, snow leopard and rare birds including hawks, hoopoe, barbets, night jars, laughing thrushes, black-capped sibias, etc.

Langtang Region is the best trekking destination for those who have less time and are looking for easy trekking for a week without gaining high altitude. However, the Himalayan vista, the cultural experience, wilderness and joy is second to none. For magnificent Langtang region, Trekma offers the following trekking destinations. Of course, the itineraries can be customized.

Best Seasons:February, March, April
Popular Location:Langtang,